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Traveler Reviews

"This was a fun experience for both me and my Architect wife; the tour covered the most important buildings in the campus built by star architects, many have very interesting designs that was fun to walk through :) Berta's explanation was great, it covered the buildings' history, materials, design conception and the decisions made through their construction, it made this experience a lot more meaningful and informative. If you have any interest in architecture and photography, or just want to walk through and experience interesting spaces, this is for you!"

Abdulaziz. Taif, South Arabia

"An amazing tour of the EPFL buildings by a very knowledgeable architect -- Berta's insight into the buildings' architectural concepts and construction processes made the tour unique and interesting. She was also responsive and punctual. If you have any interest in architecture and visiting EPFL or even just the Rolex Learning Center, I'd highly recommend Berta's tour."

K.J. New York, NY

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